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The PMC processes your personal data (name, nickname, email address, and so on) and your private personal data (race, health, biometric and genetic data, and so on) in its capacity as data controller and/or data processor, in accordance with the applicable local laws and legal regulations. By logging onto this website, you allow the transfer of your personal data and private personal data to parties in or out of the country, provided that the transfer is completed in accordance with the legislative principles, terms and procedures related to the protection of personal data. The personal data and private personal data shared here can be processed and transferred for the purposes of statistics, pricing, sales and marketing, in order to provide the Ministry of Treasury and Finance (“Ministry”) with the data to support its decision making, upon authorization and commissioning by the Ministry; provide reliable information to the private pension companies and the public, which will receive service under written permission from the Ministry; daily monitor the activities of pension companies in electronic media and report to the competent public authorities; consolidate the information derived from the transactions completed by the pension companies; store the participant information and agreement information in electronic media; protect the confidentiality; inform the public and the participants; produce statistics; analyze the individual pension system; complete the individual pension system examination of the solicitors; meet the requests for joint promotion, training programs, software and similar issues; and create the data to enable the system to operate in a reliable manner and allow timely actions to be taken to prevent potential problems.

As personal data subjects, you may review the “Pension Monitoring Center Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy” section for more-detailed, publicly-shared information. If you submit requests regarding these rights using the methods set out in the same policy, your request will be processed and concluded by our Company free of charge, and you will be notified as soon as possible − within 30 days at the latest − depending on the nature of your request. However, if the transaction requires additional costs, you will be charged according to any tariffs set by the Personal Data Protection Board.


The provisions contained in these terms of use and the amendments made to these provisions by our company from time to time constitute the entire legal relationship established between you and our company, binding all the parties. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no claims can be made or rights can be claimed against our Company in violation of these provisions.

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It is hereby agreed, acknowledged and warranted that, in any dispute arising from the use of or access to this website, the electronic and system records, business records, commercial records, bookkeeping records and computer records maintained by the PMC on its database and servers shall constitute a legally binding, definitive and exclusive evidence, and this article shall constitute an agreement of evidence in the context of article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

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