Voluntary Participation (IPS) Auto Enrollment System (AES) Funds Legislation Data Center


Our Mission

We are committed to increasing the welfare of individuals in their retirement years, ensuring the safe and smooth running of the system, and protecting the rights and interests of its participants to ensure the healthy growth of the individual pension system and make the maximum contribution to sustainable economic growth and financial stability by:

  • Monitoring the operations of pension companies, portfolio management companies that manage pension mutual funds and individual pension intermediaries in the most effective manner;
  • Actively supporting the activities of the regulatory and supervisory authorities, and ensuring coordination between these authorities and industry stakeholders;
  • Becoming a center of excellence that creates value by developing advanced technologies, data- and science-based solutions for all stakeholders;
  • Forging strategic alliances by supporting research and development activities and innovative initiatives;
  • Safeguarding the reputation of the individual pension system and contributing to the management of perceptions in the most appropriate way.